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Argyll Knotweed Control Limited in Oban is dedicated to the eradication of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds throughout the UK. 

We use herbicide spray and also stem injection to eradicate knotweed from your property.

Our treatments are carried out in compliance with the relevant legislation and by fully qualified and NPTC certified professionals.

Japanese Knotweed is able to colonise a variety of urban environments. Because of  its ability to exploit weaknesses in construction materials, such as concrete and tarmac, new knotweed growth can cause very serious damage to buildings, hard surfaces and infrastructure. Once established underneath or around the built environment, it can be particularly difficult to control.

Spraying with herbicide can be a very effective method of treatment. The stem injection method is proven to be the most effective method against re-growth and with this method there is no need to cut canes or handle plant material for disposal. Injections can also be made anytime during the growing season.


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