Loch Visions Wildlife Photography Experience

Loch Visions Wildlife Photography Experience, What to do, Activities, Ardfern nr Oban, Scotland

Offering many tours and experiences such as 


Winter Woodland Wonders Photography Tour-

A magical tour photographing squirrels and other woodland wonders from our tree top view hide with the hope of frost or snow. Followed by a walking woodland bird safari looking for flocks of long tailed tit, goldcrests and tree creepers DATES: 23th to 25th of February 2018


West Coast Otter Photography Tour

An incredible tour tracking and photographing the magical and elusive Otter. An apex predator in its world, we immerse ourselves in that world and capture fantastic moments with this top animal. DATES: available in March, April, August and September 2018


Spring Woodland Bluebell Photography Tour                                                           

A magical tour photographing squirrels from our tree top view hide, followed by a spring songbird safari photographing warblers, blackcaps, cuckoos and friends. All in the setting of a magical bluebell ancient temperate rainforest. DATES: 16th - 18th of May 2018


Puffin Sunset Photography Tour                                                                                   

A unique chance to spend the evening in the best west coast puffin colony and one of the finest wildlife photography destinations in the world. Capturing wonderful images in stunning light. DATES: 30th June to 1st of July 2018



Beaver and Otter Photography Tour                                                                 

A truly challenging but hugely rewarding tour, spending the evenings photographing Beavers and the day in the world of the magnificent Otter. DATES: 13th to 15th of June 2018 & 22nd to 25th of June 2018



Bird Of Prey Photography Tour                                                                             

From Eagles to Kites, Ospreys to Buzzards, we will spend the tour photographing wild birds of prey here in the best place in the UK to see them. DATES: 13th to 15th of July 2018



Grey Seal Pupping Photography Tour                                                              

An adventure that rivals the great wildlife spectacles around the world. We are close quarters with new born white fur pups, fighting giant bulls, and hard working mums. DATES: 28th - 30th of September 2018



Red Deer Roaring Photography Tour                                                                

A tour photographing the largest British mammal at its most powerful - during the rut. We aim to witness some fantastic rut behaviour and photograph the champion stags roaring with all their might.

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 Gift vouchers available for a unique experience DATES:  12th - 14th of October 2018

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