McCaig’s Tower

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John Stuart McCaig (1824 - 1902) was responsible for McCaig's  construction over a five year period from 1895 until his death in 1902 herunterladen.
His idea was two fold - to keep local stonemasons employed during the winter months and to provide a lasting monument to the McCaig family. The original plan was that the structure would have a roof enclosing an art gallery, another central tower with statues of the family in prominent positions dictionary Spanish german for free.

By the time McCaig died and having spent five thousand pounds, only the outer wall had been completed and he made provision in his will for one thousand pounds a year towards the completion of the project apps voor ios downloaden. Surviving family members had other ideas for the money and the will was successfully challenged with the judge describing McCaig as "eccentric testator". 

The tower has a viewing platform, seats and well kept garden .  The local council had the foresight to develop the grounds and today it takes it rightful place as one of the most popular attractions in the area herunterladen. Take a walk up the hill and feel inspired by the spectacular view which awaits you.

Duncraggan Rd,


Argyll PA34 5DP