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We offer fantastic daily tours as well as two, three and week long basking shark swimming and wildlife excursions to the Inner Hebrides, where our mission is to provide great interactions with basking sharks and the abundant wildlife of the area. Our main focus is boat based and an in-water time with basking sharks, snorkelling and diving.

Our basking shark Scotland tours are organised from May to September to coincide with the shark's migration to the area where they feed on the abundant plankton. We also combine our tours with snorkelling with seals We also organise the Coll of the Sharks festival. 

We are able to cater for a variety of people on our shark swims that can range from underwater photographers and videographers who wish to obtain amazing footage of these gentle giant, to recreational divers and snorkelers, along with non-divers who wish to achieve unforgettable experiences. For those not so keen on being just so close and getting wet, you are made very welcome as one of our shark watchers on board the boat. We want to make the experience the best it can possibly be so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have. 

This is a completely natural experience and as such there are no guarantees of seeing basking sharks, however since our trips cover more ground than any other operator on a speedy highly seaworthy vessel - our trips one of the better chances of seeing the sharks, our normal trips cover over 80- nautical miles so it's a whistle stop tour of the hebrides.  

Our area of operation is a known basking shark 'hotspot' and is also widely known as one the best areas in Scotland for prolific marine life. In addition to the regular shark sightings, our trips include whales, dolphins, seals, golden eagles, puffins and many other seabirds. Combine this with the stunning scenery of Argyll, volcanic wonders of Fingal's Cave, historical landscape of castles, abbeys and ruins- there is a huge amount to take in!


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Feeding Basking Shark

It's been crazy busy here out in the Hebrides. We had some outstanding action on our week long basking shark tour. However we were first in line for a large low pressure which hit us towards the end of the week with high winds and up to 3m swells. Life in the Atlantic, never a dull moment! Check out this clip from Luke our head guide and video guru, capturing some great feeding behaviour.

Posted by Basking Shark Scotland on Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017